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Wiki: Updated stats, translations, project pages

I’m really not an active blogger. Before I finally announce the results of the Gentoo Website survey I did last year, here’s some updated statistics from the Gentoo Wiki and a few updates on the status.

Big figures (now even bigger!)

After moving the service to a new machine, we’ve hardly had any downtime issues. Read-only users now get a cached version, increasing performance by quite a lot.

Visits 1,232,191
Registered users 982
Content pages 613
Number of edits 14,332

Another graph I had in the last post was the number of visits per month:

Monthly visits of the Gentoo Wiki from November 2011 to May 2013

In May we had just over 120,000 visitors which means more than double of what we had a year ago.


Another very cool thing: Earlier today, we launched the page translation feature of the Wiki.
Using the Translate extension, editors can translate articles using a gettext-like interface, allowing us to keep track of the status of the various translated strings and their English originals.

For more information, see the Translation help page on the Wiki.

Soon: Project pages

The last thing: I’m working on getting the Gentoo project pages to the Wiki. More on that later on.

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  1. “The last thing: Iā€™m working on getting the Gentoo project pages to the Wiki. More on that later on.”

    Awesome! šŸ˜‰

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