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Now live: Gentoo Infra Status

A common sight in the last few days in the Gentoo Developers’ IRC channel was various people asking “Did the email SSL certificates change?”.
My joke reply “Read your email, we’ve announced it on the mailing list” wasn’t that well received — quite understandable as you need to know the new certificate fingerprints before (securely) connecting to your inbox to read the announcement.
Of course, we (Gentoo Infra) updated our Developer E-Mail guide to reflect the new certificates, but almost noone knew to look in there.

After pointing people to the guide what felt like a million times, I finally launched a site I started to develop already a year ago:

The basic status information is exported from our Icinga setup and enhanced by manually posted notices that can for instance mark a service as ‘under maintenance’ and give additional information.
Currently, two servers (one in Europe, one in the US) with IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity host the site, so it should be relatively well reachable even if parts of our Infrastructure fail.

So now we have another reason to scream at people for not reading $website before asking. So now you can see what’s up with our Infra without the need to ask and wait for a reply. I’ll see to nudge everyone in the team to post their service updates there. 😉

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